to nutrient management and water quality

challenges in Wisconsin


ASPIRATION: Be the center for advancing policy and solutions for Wisconsin’s renewable natural gas industry while driving national marketplace opportunities for members.


Elemental science explains nutrients are never lost or wasted from the Earth. They move from one location to another either by nature or by choice. 


The dairy industry has led Wisconsin's economy for generations. The land that is home to these dairies consists of the very air, soil and water of the state itself. With this great history in mind, there is a need to focus on waste remediation that is both environmentally and economically viable.


The good news is that where there's a challenge, there's opportunity. The Wisconsin Biomass Energy Coalition was established to advance Wisconsin's renewable natural gas industry through advocacy, public-private collaboration and water stewardship.


"Fostering solutions that allow agricultural growth without damaging the fragile ecosystem is at the core of our business."


- Jessica Niekrasz, Clean Fuel Partners


2020-2022 POLICY GOALS

Through investigation and conversation, WBEC uncovered the following needs. These policy goals can be accomplished by focusing on development of market-based, economically sensible solutions. 




Gain access to interstate and intrastate pipelines for producers to sell renewable natural gas in a national marketplace


Accelerate R&D focused on technology and the economics of a state-wide renewable nutrient standard in fertilizer


Develop innovative incentives to spur cost-effective solutions to help return water to its natural state


Work for the adoption of a Midwest Clean Fuels Policy which includes Renewable Natural Gas


Every perspective tells a story. And stories are often told in silos. WBEC's goal is to understand the stories, look for common threads and create policies supporting the shared goal of renewable natural gas and clean water.


Founded in 2019, WBEC is a membership organization that collaborates with producers, farmers, technology providers, tourism industry, municipalities, government agencies and residents to champion the state’s nutrient ecosystem.


Legislative Action

  • Work with legislators at all levels to develop, implement and support the shared goals of WBEC


Research & Development

  • Collaborate with colleges and universities as well as the private sector on market-based solutions 


Shared Vision & Goals

  • Distill, define and write a new, shared vision for WBEC membership focused on clean ground and surface water in Wisconsin 


Join WBEC today and help champion Wisconsin's nutrient ecosystem



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